You Send (Min: 0.00102BTC)
You Get
Your Metrix Address

How It Works

Send Bitcoin

Receive Metrix

That's It

Transparent Fees, Quick and Secure

We only charge a 0.5% (for over 0.002BTC) or 1% (for 0.002BTC and below) fee and transactions are typically settled within the hour. Fiat payments will incur an extra 12% fee.

  • 01. Generate your BTC deposit address

    Once you have a BTC deposit address any BTC sent to that address will automatically get swapped for MRX into your nominated MRX address.

  • 02. Send BTC to your deposit address

    Transactions typically clear within an hour depending on the Bitcoin block times. We can accept fiat for participating countries. This will be converted to BTC first then MRX.

  • 03. Receive Metrix

    Once your BTC deposit has cleared you'll receive your MRX into your nominated address.

  • 04. No Restrictions, No Hidden Fees

    Swap as little or as much as you like with no hidden fees. You can estimate your swap rate above so you know what you'll receive.